The Vision

The Mathematics Department, as an institution of learning through the collaborative effort of the faculty and the students, envisions a mathematically competent professional integrated with sound moral, social, and spiritual values who is committed to the development of the society.

The Mission

The Mathematics Department is committed to provide the students with quality education and instruction with emphasis on fundamental computational skills, logical thinking, and critical analysis in preparation for multiple careers in mathematics including teaching, applied mathematics, graduate study, and research; to create an environment that would promote values and social skills development.

General Objectives

To develop students' logical thinking, critical analysis, and computational skill
To cultivate students' power in abstract mathematics
To integrate moral, social, and spiritual values through community involvement
To develop their appreciation for the beauty, precision, and symbolic clarity of the mathematical discipline
To conduct and promote research activities in pure mathematics and mathematical education

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

Program Description

The BS in Mathematics program provides students a solid foundation in both mathematics and computer application of mathematics. BS Math students are immersed in problem-solving skills, abstract reasoning as well as opportunities to practice critical thinking and analysis. These learning experiences are further enhanced by allowing the students to apply these theoretical concepts to related fields such as statistics, finance, and education. Instruction is geared towards enhancing students’ ability and skills in computer application.


The Mathematics Department, aside from the equipment and facilities available to the students, also provide a “Math Clinic” where students are allowed to explore other mathematical experiences through the use of available technology in scientific computing like computers and the latest software packages.

A BS Mathematics graduate can be a:
Financial Analyst
Marketing Analyst

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