College of Science

The College of Science offers undergraduate programs leading to Bachelor of Science degrees in Biology, Chemistry, and Mathematics. In addition to required basic studies that establish a sound foundation in mathematics and the sciences, and to advanced work in his major field of specialization, the student is given an adequate spectrum of courses in the humanities and social sciences in order to broaden his views and understanding of a rapidly-changing world.

The major curricula qualify the student for a career in his chosen field of specialization and provide him with the foundation required for entry into Graduate Studies. The College of Sciences also provides the basic mathematics and science courses required as curricula underpinnings of other units of the University.



  • Dr. Eleanor S. Austria
  • Mrs. Maria Katrina V. De Paz
    Chairperson, Chemistry Department
  • Ms. Ma. Christina R. Navarro
    Chairperson, Computer Science Department
  • Mrs. Marvi L. Aresta-Bayrante
    Chairperson, Information Technology & Information Systems Department
  • Mr. Robertson A. Laban
    Chairperson, Math and Physics Department
  • Mr. Wilhelm M. Javier
    Chairperson, Biology Department
  • Dr. Joseph Terell M. Malabuyo
    Chairperson, Psychology Department