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Experiential Pharmacy Practices are offered in compliance to CMO No. 104 s. 22 and CHED No. 25 s. 2021 with the goal of applying relevant knowledge and skills from lecture and laboratory classes to specific industry, hospital, community, institutional, and regulatory processes and operations. With this, pharmacy student interns develop and acquire the values of professionalism and work appreciation through demonstration of effective interpersonal skills and responsible decision-making in the workplace. Thus, significant in equipping the pharmacy student interns with the demands and expectations of the industry as well as in assessing the attained program educational outcomes.

The internship areas for the undergraduate student interns are community pharmacy (300 hours), hospital pharmacy (300 hours), manufacturing pharmacy (300 hours), institutional pharmacy (120 hours), and regulatory pharmacy and public health (180 hours); whereas PharmD student interns are required to render 1500 hours clerkship in hospital and community pharmacies. Currently, the Adamson University – College of Pharmacy has continuous partnership with the Prince of Songkla University (PSU) in Thailand to provide international clerkship experience with selected PharmD student interns.

Provided below are the lists of industry partners of Adamson University – College of Pharmacy:

Community Pharmacy

  • Mercury Drug Corporation
  • Watsons Personal Care Stores Philippines, Inc.
  • Southstar Drug
  • Apotheca Integrative Pharmacy
  • Independent pharmacies
  • MedExpress Drugstore

Hospital Pharmacy

  • Air Force General Hospital
  • Asian Hospital and Medical Center
  • De Los Santos Medical Center
  • Makati Medical Center
  • Manila Doctors Hospital
  • National Center for Mental Health
  • Philippine General Hospital
  • The Medical City Clark
  • The Medical City Pasig
  • Veterans Memorial Medical Center
  • Prince of Songkla University in Thailand

Manufacturing Pharmacy

  • A.M. Rieta Chemicals Trading and Manufacturing
  • Am-Europharma Corporation
  • Compact Pharmaceuticals Corp.
  • Diamond Laboratories, Inc.
  • Life Square Laboratories Inc.
  • Lloyd Laboratories Inc.
  • Northfield Laboratories Inc.
  • Pascual Laboratories, Inc.
  • Scheele Laboratories Philippines, Inc.
  • Sydenham Laboratories Inc.
  • YSS Laboratories Company, Inc.

Institutional Pharmacy

  • Pharmacy Preceptors Guild of the Philippines

Regulatory Pharmacy & Public Health

  • Apotheca Integrative Pharmacy
  • BioMed Pharma Inc.
  • Celltrion Global Safety Data Center, Inc.
  • Duopharma Trade Phil., Inc
  • Faberco Life Sciences, Inc.
  • FilAdam Pharma, Inc.
  • Lifestrong Marketing, Inc.
  • REDACHEM Ingredients Philippines, Inc.
  • Sannovex Pharmaceuticals
  • SMHP Marketing & Consultancy


  • Mrs. Perlita M. Crucis

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