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News - October 2010

Roofing and Greening of ST Quad Started

Date Posted: Oct 2, 2010 at 00:41:25 AM

By December 2010, organizers of any activity that will be held at the ST Quad won’t have to worry anymore about hot, rainy or even stormy weather. The ongoing roofing and greening of the frequently-used ST Quadrangle is expected to be completed by that time. Aside from providing protection from the elements, it will also bring a more visually-pleasing and green ambience.


Conceptualized by the College of Architecture, led by its dean Arch. Peter Villanueva, the project began construction on the last week of August. The design features concrete rounded columns reinforced by B.I. pipes and tubular steel. These prop up the steel trusses that hold up the four-section roof with alternate designs: two that curve upwards are made of plain G.I. sheets backed by a spandrel ceiling while another two that are flat are made of plexiglass. The curved design and the plexiglass material prevent the area from becoming too dim as they allow light to filter through.


4E Builders was contracted to do the project at a cost of PhP6.7 million – which is the administration’s way of plowing back part of the amount gained from the recent tuition fee increase.


Not part of the ongoing project, though, is the landscaping of the ST Quad grounds which would include benches and tables where students can study, work on their projects or simply hang around in between classes. This will be the next phase of the area’s makeover. RDA