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News - October 2010

Young Mass Comm Students Show Their Wares in Mini Docu Fest

Date Posted: Oct 2, 2010 at 00:39:59 AM

The younger set of AB Mass Communication students got their first taste of media production work as they produced documentaries for New Voices: the 2010 Mini Docu Festival.


New Voices features ten short films done by freshmen students for their Introduction to Communication and Society subject. The unique twist in the films shown was that they were anchored on a particular communication theory, and students must work that theory into the resolution of their film topics. The films were screened at OZ Audio-Visual Room last October 4.


The ten films were Limos na Edukasyon, a film that focuses on the media literacy of a young woman who did not finish school; Magkaribal, which looks into how young Filipinos make their music preferences between foreign and local artists; Nosebleed, a look into English language usage in the country whose title comes from a popular colloquial expression; Imba: Adik sa DOTA, referencing a teenager addicted to the popular online game and looks into how technology has pervaded daily life; Musika Ko, Ay ako, which compiles people’s emotions through songs;


Cara y Cruz, which tackles the differences between gay and straight relationships; Techno Geek, a film on the behavioral problems suffered by people who have become so attached to gadgets and technology; Maimpluwensiyang Kahon, a look into the attitudes of people towards television and viewing; Tracking Success, which follows several individuals’ paths to success; and Coffee Bucks, which pokes through the other meanings of the word “coffee” as it pervades the consciousness of many.


This activity is a breakthrough for the Mass Communication Department and follows many of its first milestones as a full-fledged department. The activity was given a boost by the support of Dr. Servillano Marquez, Jr., Dean of the College of Education and Liberal Arts, who gave the welcome remarks during the opening program, and by department chairperson Prof. Mari Jeanie Derillo. Yael Esperat