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News - December 2010

OSA Bares Mid-Year Performance of RSOs

Date Posted: Dec 10, 2010 at 08:09:13 AM

The Office for Student Affairs (OSA) presented the mid-year performance of the Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs) during the annual mid-year assessment activity held at the Amana Water Park Resort in Pandi, Bulacan last October 19, 2010. The event was attended and represented by the organization presidents, vice presidents, and other officers.


Ms. Leah Platon-Pandico, Head of OSA-Development presented the RSOs’ performance with detailed tables and charts based on the organizations’ actual accomplishments in the first semester. This includes the number of activities conducted, submission and compliance with the documentation requirements, attendance in OSA meetings, and the financial report or statement. Pandico emphasized that strict monitoring of the RSOs’ financial report resulted in the discovery of some transactions deemed irregular. Appropriate actions have been made.


OSA Director Atty. Julius Babista announced the top performing RSOs during the awarding ceremonies. Topping the list was the IT&M Society with an over-all rating of 76.76%. IT&M is an academic organization under the Information Technology and Management Department and includes students taking up Associate in Computer Technology (ACT), Information Management (IM), Information Technology (IT) and Information System (IS) among its members. The nine other top performers were: AUECESS, 75.66%; AdU-ACES, 74.60%; JFINEX, 73.64%; AHMS, 70.24%; UCAS, 69.95%; SSVP, 68.48%; JPCS-AdU, 66.66%; ACOES, 66.31%; and CS WEB TEAM, 66.16%.


Having known their mid-year standing and performance, the different RSOs are now preparing to implement their remaining activities for the second semester based on their respective operational plans. The operational plans are included in the final ranking for the RSO Annual Awards Night 2010, to be held sometime in February next year. Arlan D. Duya