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News - December 2010

AdU Foreign Students Participate in Cultural Tour

Date Posted: Dec 10, 2010 at 08:08:18 AM

In a bid to strengthen their cultural assimilation to the Philippines, the Office for Student Affairs (OSA) arranged a cultural tour for the foreign students enrolled at Adamson University last October 21, 2010 at Villa Escudero in San Pablo City. A total of 58 foreign students from different countries joined the tour. They were chaperoned by the OSA Director Atty. Julius Babista, OSA-Development Head Ms. Leah Platon-Pandico, OSA staff, and a group of facilitators from the Association of Campus Student Advisers (ACSA).


The students’ tour at Villa Escudero included activities like the traditional carabao cart ride, swimming, boating and fishing, and a guided visit to the resort’s museum. Students also enjoyed a sumptuous lunch of native Filipino dishes prepared for them at the foot of the resort’s waterfalls. Eating lunch at the bamboo tables near the waterfalls while their feet were knee-deep in the river added a very refreshing touch to the meal.


A cultural presentation in the afternoon showcasing Filipino folk dances and songs performed by resort staff capped the tour. Harold James S. Soberano