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News - February 2011

Howie Severino takes first Adamson University Media Award

Date Posted: Feb 13, 2011 at 06:24:57 AM

“We have recommended Mr. Howie Severino to become the first recipient of the Adamson University (AdU) Media Award because of his significant contribution to public education and information,” thus declared Prof. Jeanie Derillo, Chairperson of AdU’s Mass Communication Department.

The Adamson University Mass Media Award is based on the premise that journalism is consistently at the forefront of educating and informing the public. It was created to identify the country’s journalists who commit themselves in contributing to the Filipinos’ awareness on poverty.

“Mr. Severino embodies the institution’s vision and core values through his work ethic and passion,” says Dr. Servillano Marquez, Dean, College of Education and Liberal Arts. “He exudes truth worthy of emulation by future media practitioners such as our students and faculty.”

The Adamson University Media Award is dedicated to furthering excellence in the journalism and communication industry, particularly those programs and personalities that focus on poverty. It will be administered yearly with the goal of raising awareness among journalists who have creativity and passion in helping and educating the poor.

Adamson University is known for its vision of providing quality education to the socially disadvantaged. Headed by University President Rev. Fr. Gregorio Banaga Jr., CM, the awarding ceremony will be conducted at the Adamson University Theater on February 10, 2011 at 3:00 in the afternoon. The ceremony takes place during the celebration of the 79th Founding Anniversary of the University, which begins on February 7.