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News - December 2011

New civil and chemical engineers for Adamson University

Date Posted: Dec 16, 2011 at 02:02:56 AM

The results for the civil engineering licensure examination conducted by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) and 13 graduates from Adamson University passed the exam, given last November 19 and 20. They were among the 1,770 passers out of 5,163 examinees. The new civil engineers are:


  • Asi, Ralph Kenneth T.
  • Baleriado, Aubrey L.
  • Balontong, John Kenneth V.
  • Bernardino, Mark Alvin M.
  • Castro, Kathleen H.
  • Clemente, Stephen John C.
  • Macaraeg, Gina DG.
  • Magno, Katherine M.
  • Masangkay, Edgar V.
  • Mendiola, Karen Elaine C.
  • Teodoro, Mark Lester B.
  • Tuble, Agnes O.
  • Versoza, Sedfrey M.


The results for the chemical engineering (ChE), which took place also in November, have been released and six Adamsonians were among the 301 successful passers out of 638 examinees. The new chemical engineers are:


  • Giron, Abram B.
  • Malasabas, Mariecor I.
  • Morillo, John Lester L.
  • Quiocson, Santini L.
  • Raypan, Mark Lester T.
  • Rodriguez, Roland M.


Morillo distinguished himself by landing in the Top 10 of the ChE board exams. An active student leader who graduated cum laude, Morillo landed in seventh place with his score of 80.70%.


The oathtaking of new engineers will be announced later by the PRC.