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News - July 2012

Proposed Adamson University Museum taking shape

Date Posted: Jul 2, 2012 at 08:31:39 PM



The proposed Adamson University Museum is slowly taking shape as the people involved in the project continue to map out plans for its realization.


Dr. Lucas George Adamson and his wife Theresa June Adamson recently visited the Philippines for a series of meetings with the Ayala Museum curatorial team and with University President Fr. Gregg L. Bañaga, Jr., C.M. and Museum and Archives director Raul Agner. Lucas George is the only son of Adamson University Founder Dr. George Lucas Adamson and his wife Evdoxia Savaides Adamson.


Held on June 15, 22, and 28, the meetings were called to discuss particularly the George Lucas Adamson (GLA) memorabilia section of the museum.  The Ayala Museum team presented its design and layout proposal which were then fine tuned with revisions following an ocular survey of the future site of the museum.


The series of meetings ended with the parties agreeing to sign a tripartite Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) once the terms and conditions have been satisfactorily spelled out. It is expected that with the MOA, the Spain-based Adamsons will donate the memorabilia of the founder; the Ayala Museum curatorial team will do the design, layout and actual mounting of the exhibits; and Adamson University will provide the space and continuing curatorship of the museum.


The Ayala Museum curatorial team was chosen as consultants for the museum on the basis of its track record in helping put up museums all over the country. The team composed of Kenneth Esguerra, Senior Curator and Head of Conservation; Ditas Samson, Curator; Aprille Tijam, Exhibitions and Collections Manager; Roland Cruz, Exhibition Designer; and Jo Ann Berber-Gando, Graphic Designer. Prior to the arrival of the Adamsons, the Ayala team had been discussing plans with Mr. Agner, who in December 2011 went to Spain to take a look and do some documentation of the founder’s historical memorabilia.


All in all, the Adamson University Museum is envisioned to have several sections: the GLA memorabilia, the early years of the school, the Vincentian era, a special collection, and the alumni memorabilia. The GLA section is expected to open in November this year. RDA