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News - May 2012

AdU’s IP team participates in WIPO Singapore study visit

Date Posted: May 9, 2012 at 08:18:33 AM


Delegates during the study visit in Singapore

Two administrators and two faculty members involved in Adamson University’s intellectual property (IP) endeavors recently took part in a study visit to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) office in Singapore and other IP institutions in the country last April 18 and 19, 2012. The visit was organized by the WIPO and was participated by innovation and technology support offices (ITSOs) from the Philippines, including Adamson University.


The participants from Adamson were Prof. Venusmar C. Quevedo, ITSO manager; Prof. Noe Enriquez, director of the Institutional Planning and Policy Development Office; and IP officers Prof. Anna A. Ramos from the Natural Science Department and Prof. Bernard B. Bullicer from the Computer Science Department. The two day study visit was facilitated by Mr. Candra N. Darusman, deputy director of WIPO-Singapore, and featured several key speakers. Dr. Sze Tiam Lin of the Licensing Executive Society of Singapore spoke about Technology Market Research and Technology Valuation, the life cycle of a patents commencing with ideation until commercialization, and the different task valuation methods for IP valuation. Mr. Zaid Hamzah, an author and a strategic counsel in Singapore, spoke about Technology Commercialization and Intellectual Property Value Creation. He also spoke about the IP ecosystem and value chain and the equation for risk capital and innovation. Hamzah stressed that intellectual property asset should be created, protected, and managed to help build new IP capability and productivity. 


The second day was marked by a visit to the Agency for Science, Technology, and Research (A*Star)/ Exploit Technologies Singapore and Nanyang Polytechnic University. A*Star is Singapore’s lead government agency dedicated to fostering world-class scientific research and talent for a vibrant knowledge-based economy. The delegates were then given an orientation tour on the different activities and research done by Nanyang Polytechnic in support of its vision of developing trained manpower to meet the changing economic landscape. Delegates were presented with the student’s equipment and output in engineering, aeronautics, applied and life science.