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News - February 2012

AdU’s international students take on Philippine history with Malacañang tour

Date Posted: Feb 28, 2012 at 10:41:25 AM



The Section for International Students of the Office for University Relations (OUR) organized a trip to the Malacañang Palace and Museum on February 8th in celebration of the 80th Adamson University Foundation Anniversary.


The tour aimed to introduce and give the international students a deeper understanding not only of Philippine history and the role of Malacañang Palace from the Spanish colonial times up to the present day but also its heritage, culture, and tradition. It was also aimed at students to have greater awareness to the institution of the Philippine presidency and legacies of the fifteen Filipinos who have since held the highest position in the land.


Among the areas visited by the students were the Old Waiting Room which features relics from the Spanish era, the Old Executive Secretary’s Office, the Old Governor-General’s Office, the Osmeña Cabinet Room and the Quezon Executive Office, the Quirino Council of the State Room, Roxas Cabinet Room, the Main Hall and Library, and the galleries.


The tour elicited various reactions from the international Adamsonians. Some of the students identified with the Filipino experience of war, dictatorship, and revolution. Others wondered how would it be like to be a hero, a famous artist, a hated dictator, or a beloved leader. There were also questions that sought to understand the Filipino soul as Catholics. These and more made the museum visit a journey within and beyond.


“We are now Filipinos at heart and very honored and thankful to those who made it possible for us to step into the floor of the Palace!” the international students exclaimed. “It is definitely one of the most memorable experiences of our stay in the Philippines, especially in Adamson University. It is not everyday that one gets to go to the presidential palace and see history unfold in front of our eyes,” says Huriya Hassen, a 4th year BS Pharmacy student.