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News - February 2012

Mural commemorating AdU’s 80th unveiled

Date Posted: Feb 16, 2012 at 04:28:00 PM

Adamson University's 80th founding anniversary will have a permanent place and reminder as the university unveiled its commemorative mural on Saturday, February 11 at the campus' SV Building. University President Fr. Gregorio Bañaga Jr., C.M. and former university president Fr. Jimmy Belita, C.M. unveiled the mural together other university officials and distinguished guests.


The mural consists of three panels, two of them measuring 9x13 feet and another measuring 9x21 feet. Each panel depicts significant chapters and figures in Adamson-the era of the Adamson family, when they first established the school; the era of the Vincentian priests and brothers, after the turnover of ownership in 1964; and the image of St. Vincent de Paul, founder of the congregation of the Vincentian priests and brothers and now AdU's patron saint.


AdU commissioned artist Derick Macutay to create the mural. Macutay is a Pasig-born visual artist and a multi-awarded painter whose personal advocacy is to revive and continue the mural-making tradition of the artist he adores - the late National Artist Carlos "Botong" Francisco. For the AdU mural, Macutay used oil on canvas to bring to life AdU's colorful history and started working on the mural in December 2011 after doing research and presenting several studies.


The huge canvasses that now permanently adorn the three sides of the lobby have transformed the whole place from a dim, drab spot to a lively and welcoming hall where Adamsonians and visitors alike can both enjoy art and glean history from. Since installation, the mural continues to elicit admiring remarks and prompt instant picture-taking sessions among walk-by viewers.


The unveiling of the mural took place at 2:00 pm, before the proceedings of the 78th Grand Alumni Homecoming. The event was organized by the 80th Founding Anniversary Socio-Cultural Committee through University Museum and Archives director, Mr. Raul Agner.