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News - January 2008

Mr. and Mrs. Adamson: Not A Mere Parade of Finery

Date Posted: Jan 2, 2008 at 03:00:06 AM

Refusing to be tagged as just another display of beauty, Adamson University’s search for Mr. and Mrs. Adamson deviates from familiar perception for pageantries. The search is intended for outstanding model employees who embody the harmony of body, mind, and spirit—a beauty, brain, and values competition. Mr. and Mrs. Adamson is slated on Feb.13, ST Quadrangle, at 6 p.m.


Candidates are as follows:


Vice-President for Finance
Mr. Nover Sumanting
Mrs. Marjorie David


Vice-President for Administration
Mr. Hernando Huerta
Dra. Josefina Ong


Vice President for Student Affairs
Prof. Bernado Rances
Mrs. Alice Quilicot


College of Nursing
Prof. Levi Dinglasan
Prof. Vivian Catherine Camano


College of Business Administration/Pharmacy
Prof. Pierre Gloria Carpio
Dean Mary Jane Molina


Vice-President for Academic Affairs
Mr. Archie Baloso (IRED)
Mrs. Helen Ordoñez (Library)


College of Liberal Arts/Education
Prof. Arthur Paraguison
Prof. Virginia L. Lava


College of Engineering
Engr. Jose Cericel Driz
Engr. Rosalie De Ocampo


College of Science
Prof. Cirilo Vista
Prof. Rebecca Ringor


College of Architecture
Archt. Maundelito Florendo
Archt. Leticia Eusebio


Basic Education Department
Mr. Roel Selva
Mrs. Jocelyn Dela Cruz


Graduate School
Dr. Ronaldo Tan
Dr. Amelia Paje


Aspirants will be judged according to Talent , Total Look in Gown/Formal Wear, Total Look in Sports Wear, and Popularity Vote (via stubs sold). The title holders will get 5,000 Php each, while the 1st Runners Up are to receive 3,000 Php, and the 2nd Runners Up are claim 2,000 Php each.


Committee members include Dr. Lizelle E. Villanueva (chairman), Dr. Ramon C. Maniago (co-chairman), Prof. Jay P. Cabrera, Prof. Angelito F. Balboa, Atty. Julius A. Babista, Prof. Nenita J. Dimapilis, and Mr. Jun O. Bumagat.