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News - February 2008

Strategic Planning: Adamson University in Three Years’ Time

Date Posted: Feb 2, 2008 at 02:58:54 AM

By: Genei Justine H. Castrence, AUECESS President

Last January 11-13, 2008, a Strategic Planning was held in Mornese Center of Spirituality in Pansol Calamba City. It was a three-day seminar workshop that focused on the making of a concrete development plan for the University. The convention was participated by different sectors of the Adamson community: from the president, to the vice-presidents, down to the deans, chairpersons, and other representatives. As the prime assets of the institution, four students were invited to join and represent the student body.


The convention was spent mostly on brainstorming and argument sharing in order to come up with specific goals and plans for the community. To date, there have been series of group meetings before this planning convention was conducted. The planning anticipates a three-year period. According to Rev. Fr. Gregorio L. Bañaga, Jr., CM, University president, three years is ideal for projection as there are unanticipated occurrences that might roll up. Being mindful of this, it is advisable to set plans framing a brief period in order to adapt with changes that might arise unforeseen.


In the seminar-workshop, the group first elected the members of the Style Committee, who would consolidate and summarize the ideas gathered from the groups in order to come up with better and concise statements. For the first day of the workshop, the group worked to have keywords that would be set as goals for the planning. Such goals were academic excellence, research, social responsibility, growth in resources, internal organization, pride and identity, and linkages or institutional partnerships. Also on the same day, a specific goal, as it was deemed more proper than the word ‘vision’, for the next three years of Adamson University was created.


On the second day, the planning was centered on strategic directions. Likewise, certain critical issues and concerns were discussed. During the last day, key results areas and key performance indicators were set. These helped evaluate and assess if the plans were attainable and were achieved after the anticipated time period. During this convention, series of group talks and presentations were organized in order to gather all the ideas from people coming from different sectors of the community.


Remarkably said by Fr. Greg, “I want everybody to own this,” such avowal implying that he likes to listen to everyone’s ideas and make each part of the whole output.


In the end, Fr. Greg told the dared the students to come back to Adamson University after three years, and see if something has changed for the betterment of the whole University.