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News - February 2008

Elevating Educators’ Eminence Through Sturdy Partnership

Date Posted: Feb 2, 2008 at 02:58:27 AM

As noticed by the Philippine Business for Education Partnership (PBEd), the phrase titser lang has been uttered coyly by educators, as if it would not connote a negative meaning to listeners. This probably illustrates the extent of crisis that plagues the nation’s education system. When the single most important component of education no longer enjoys the same esteem as what the other professionals do then—our education system is truly in trouble.


An article from the Bato Balani Foundation’s annual Tribute to Teachers stated that “In reality, teachers are not just teachers. They are classroom managers. They are chief operating officers of cramped classrooms with some of the most rowdy and academically challenged students. They manage class discipline, maximize scarce resources, act as counselors to students, and, as if all those tasks are not enough, they take home a mountain of paper works at the end of the day. And to top that, teachers are second parents; they are confidants; they are mentors; they are friends.”


It is the “titser lang” image of our educators that has prompted the PBEd to put up the 1,000 Teachers Campaign. This aims to mobilize media to raise the image of teachers, inspire 1,000 of the best and brightest students to become educators through scholarships and allowances from the business community and leading training academic institutions – one of which is Adamson University. The campaign was officially launched last Jan. 25 —hoping that the image of teachers will be uplifted, and that it will make the teaching profession engaging and viable for idealistic minds and gain its rightful place in nation-building. (excerpts taken from PBEd article during launching)