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News - April 2008

Conversations in Bronze: Adamson University’s Jubilee Sculpture

Date Posted: Apr 2, 2008 at 02:26:15 AM

By Raul Agner, Officer-in-Charge, IDEA


Adamsonians have come to love and identify with it—a favourite spot for a barkada’s mobile phone or digicam shoot and definitely an aesthetic accent in the otherwise plain SV building front grounds. But more than a year after its formal unveiling last February 7, 2007, with no media report on it in sight, the art scene is pretty clueless about its existence.


To mark its 75th founding anniversary, Adamson University commissioned award-winning sculptor Priscillano “Jun” Vicaldo, Jr. to do a four-figure bronze sculpture that would show the University’s Greek and Vincentian heritage as well as the passing on of that legacy to the millennial generation and beyond. In the mis-en-scene that the artist presented in a clay model and which was approved and eventually adopted in the final version, St. Vincent de Paul—the School’s Patron Saint and founder of the Congregation of the Mission or the Vincentians—is shown talking to a male college student and an elementary schoolgirl. Formally attired and standing in a casual pose behind the college student is the founder of Adamson University Dr. George Lucas Adamson. While the group sculpture is an attempt to portray a lively dialogue that centers on the institutional vision and mission of the University, it is also designed as an interactive piece of artwork where viewers may sit on the unoccupied parts of the benches or stand beside the figures and be a part of the action.


Adamson University was founded in 1932 by Dr. George Lucas Adamson, a Greek chemist. It was turned over to the Vincentians in 1964 and has been a Catholic institution from thereon. The sculpture is a donation of Chicago-based twin alumni Manny and Marc Aguja, the former an immigration lawyer and an Outstanding Adamsonian awardee in 2007, the latter a CPA. The University contracted the project to Artasia, Inc. of which the artist is a partner.