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News - May 2008

Math Department Holds Math’inik 2008

Date Posted: May 2, 2008 at 02:22:29 AM

Eyeing the School’s cream of the crop in the field of Mathematics, the University’s Mathematics Department, in cooperation with the Adamson University Mathematics Society (AUMS), held Math’inik 2008 (final round) at the OZ-AVR last Feb. 28, 2008.


“This annual event aims to identify and motivate mathematically gifted students as well as to give recognition to those who continue to pursue their goals through their eagerness to learn more, especially in Math,” said Prof. Emily Vicencio, Chairperson of the Mathematics Department.


She explained further, the event has three categories: Non-Technical, for students taking up College Algebra (3 units) or Fundamentals of Mathematics; Junior Technical, for students not taking any 2nd year math subjects of Engineering courses; and Senior Technical, for students who had taken or are currently taking Calculus or Differential Equations .


The winners for each category were:


Non-Technical Category


1st Place: Nirez Biblañas (BS Accountancy)
2nd Place: Angelie Aguilar (BS Accountancy)
3rd Place: Ma. Hanna Rose Beltran (BS Nursing)


Junior Technical Category


1st Place: John Arvee Amper (BS EE)
2nd Place: Ronald Dee (BS ME)
3rd Place: Michael Nero Galagar (BS ChE)


Senior Technical Category


1st Place: John Lester Morillo (BS ChE)
2nd Place: Tanya Flores (BS ECE)
3rd Place: Maria Ai Kristine Tolentino (BS Chem)


The event’s elimination round was held on February 9, 2008 at the CS 4th floor. (Mathematics Department)