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News - March 2011

New MEs for Adamson University

Date Posted: Mar 2, 2011 at 05:52:21 AM

Twenty-two new mechanical engineers can now be added to Adamson University’s roster of licensed engineers as they passed the licensure examination given and administered by the Professional Regulation Commission on March 19 and 20, 2011. They were among the 658 passers out 1,120 examinees.


The new mechanical engineers are:


Angulo, Michael Dan L.
Apostol, Joan Vanessa B.
Cordel, John Philip A.
Cruz, Marvin M.
Del Valle, Manuel III B.
Gianan, Christian G.
Hernandez, Jason I.
Lejano, Marco Andrew D.
Liongson, Christian Y.
Liwanag, Andrew Gino U.
Loyola, Carl Lester A.
Macabugwas, Billy Joel A.
Morales, Jeffrey R.
Nieva, Michael D.
Noroña, Noriel R.
Ramirez, Rafael R.
Repollo, Emmanuel F.
Sacueza, Ramuel H.
Santos, Jennifer M.
Tanwangco, Al Vincent M.
Yatar, Lucito Jr. A.
Zipagan, Edwin Jr. L.


Adamson’s high performance was also above the national passing rate. Nine of the 11 first-time takers passed, registering an 81.82%, while the overall passing rate for the University is 64.71%.


The new MEs will take their oath on April 25 at the Manila Hotel.