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News - July 2008

College of Sciences Releases Official Journal

Date Posted: Jul 2, 2008 at 01:46:26 AM

by Jane C. Mangalus


Daloy, the official journal of the University’s College of Sciences, has been published twice since school year 2007-2008. Dr. Gladiola M. Santos, editor of the journal and dean of the College, said, “The main purpose of the publication is to showcase the researches done by our students and faculty members. But more significantly, we wish to encourage and promote a culture of research which is, after all, integral to academic life. It is research—the untiring quest for knowledge—that makes science alive and relevant. But then, findings of researches do not have value unless they are shared. Hence, the reason for the publication.”


Areas covered by the journal come from various disciplines: natural science, computer science, information technology, psychology, chemistry, math, and physics. In the journal’s latest issue (2008. Vol. 2 No. 1), topics range from physical healing to psychological healing and from management of environmental resources to building competencies for convenience and quality. The College intends to continue these significant researches and desires to publish the journal before every school year ends.


When asked about the choice of title for the journal, Dr. Gladiola recalled, “I remember it was Prof. Marcela Romero, chair of the Chemistry department, who suggested this name to imply a stream where ideas can flow. And interestingly enough, the term Daloy, when translated into English, is ‘Flow,’ which was a concept introduced by the psychologist Csikzentmihalyi to mean a condition where learning and happiness are completely merged.”


The researches published were selected from the theses of graduating students, and some are researches, theses, or dissertations conducted by the faculty.