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News - July 2008

PRC Chooses AdU As Board Exams Venue

Date Posted: Jul 2, 2008 at 01:42:03 AM

“Adamson University has a very accommodating staff and a pleasant environment and for these reasons, the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) has chosen our school as one of the venues for board examinations,” Arch. Jean I. Cornejo, Dean of the College of Architecture, explained.


The PRC has found the School conducive for administering board exams because of its clean and state-of-the-art facilities comparable to those of other universities. Spacious rooms and quality drafting tables, for instance, are a big help to architecture exams takers. The presence of a church beside the campus serves as a soothing spiritual refuge for examinees after a strenuous day.


Adamson University is one among four schools—including MLQU, UST, and CCP—that is used by the PRC to conduct board exams for architects. The rooms used are those in CS, SV, JP, FRC, and ST buildings. The school started to be used as a venue for Architect Licensure Exam in 2005; later it also catered to other courses such as Nursing, Accountancy, and Medicine.


Dean Cornejo stressed the fact that aside from being an effective venue for board examinations, such service of the University also helps to strengthen and maintain Adamson’s good relations with other schools. She also acknowledged the efforts of the different offices such as the Physical Facilities Office (PFO) and the Office for Security and Safety (OSS) in ensuring an orderly conduct of the exams. Charlotte Lei Gagola