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News - July 2008

Enrolment Dips, Five Colleges Unaffected

Date Posted: Jul 2, 2008 at 01:40:44 AM

Another school year starts and the University again is once again greeted with a slightly lower student population.


Though the number of enrolees slightly dropped from 15,475 last year to 15,134 this year—a 2.2% decrease, some colleges upped their enrolment figures.


The Colleges of Architecture, Engineering, Business Administration, Pharmacy, and Sciences are unaffected by the downward trend, with some even registering a slight increase. Architecture increased from 627 up to 655 (about 4.2 percent). Civil Engineering had a remarkable 14.8 percent increase followed by Electrical Engineering with 380, from its previous 355. Chemical Engineering had 422 from 402, ECE with 1,355 from 1,317 and Mechanical Engineering with 581 from 569. Business Administration was also up from 3,061 to 3,088 and Pharmacy from 339 to 345.


The College of Education has a lesser population, from 396 down to 325. Graduate School dwindled from last year’s 286 to only 137 this sem. Law decreased from 251 to 235. Liberal Arts’ total lat year was 1,043, but is now down to 986. Nursing, whose population was 1,270, dropped to 962.


Economic factors, competition from newly opened schools, emerging provincial schools are some of the many reasons why enrolment at AdU has been steadily decreasing. However, increased enrolment or not, the School is still committed to offering quality education, better facilities and better service and better learning environment to the students. (All figures are from 1st sem 07-08 and 1st sem 08-09).