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News - August 2008

AdU Links Up With Two Schools in China

Date Posted: Aug 2, 2008 at 01:15:02 AM

Four AdU administrators namely Mrs. Ana Liza M. Ragos, Prof. Rosalinda M. Cabanag, Engr. Merlinda Palencia, and Dr. Ramon Maniago went to China last July 23-26, 2008 upon the invitation of Dr. Fang Wen Chang, Director for International Cooperation and Exchange Department of the SIAS International University. They met with Dr. Shawn Chen, chairman of the Board and Mr. Li Hai Jun, University President, to promote goodwill and propose joint projects.


SIAS International University is the first solely American-owned University in Central China founded by Dr. Shawn Chen, a Chinese who migrated to America. Being such, the school boasts of proficiency in speaking English.



During the meeting, the SIAS administrators invited the AdU faculty members to perform Filipino dances like tinikling and pandanggo sa ilaw in their upcoming Spring Festival from October 27-31, 2008. The host school will shoulder all expenses except plane tickets. In return, SIAS will be sending its Chinese teachers to teach Mandarin, Chinese painting, and martial arts in AdU with the same arrangements.


They also have an open invite to AdU faculty members to teach English, Nursing, Business, and Liberal Arts in SIAS for a semester or a year regardless of whether they have an MA or not. Those who accept the offer will be housed in the faculty dormitory, provided with 3 free meals daily, and can use the sports facilities in the campus. In exchange, SIAS will be sending their faculty to teach Mandarin Chinese with AdU shouldering their room accommodations and meals.


In line with AdU’s project of building its own sewage plant, the four administrators visited the Yellow River Institute of Chemical Technology (YRICT) on July 25-26, a government-run school which has been awarded as a model school for water treatment in China. Dr. Fang Wen Chang of SIAS University made the necessary arrangement and coordination in behalf of AdU.


AdU submitted the specified requirements to the institute in order to know the project cost. YRICT’s own sewage plant, which has an 1800-ton capacity, costs RMB 4.0M (Php28 million). The plant’s electricity cost is 0.7RMB per ton (Php 250,000).


In her report, Mrs. Ana Liza Ragos estimates that the school will be spending less than Php7 million to build its own sewage plant. It only needs 500 tons even if its enrollment reaches 20,000 students. As for electricity costs, it will be more or less Php50,000 a month. Besides, AdU students are not housed in school dormitories. There’s no need for a building to house the sewage plant.


YRICT will be sending two of its engineers to work with the School’s engineers in building the sewage plant. It will take some 80 days to build it, including the civil works. Once erected, it will have a life span of 50 years and the equipment will last depending on how they are handled and taken care of. MJ Nermal