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News - September 2008

Bagong Kulturang Pinoy in Adamson University

Date Posted: Sep 2, 2008 at 00:51:30 AM

Bagong Kulturang Pinoy (BKP)—partner NGO of the University whose advocacy is literacy—conducted a Read-Aloud workshop at the JP Auditorium last September 6 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The workshop was participated in by volunteers from ICES partner communities in Payatas and Cabuyao, some BED teachers, senior Education majors, scholars, and student assistants. Facilitators came from the Open Heart Foundation and the University.

The seminar-workshop was an abridged version of the Concentrated Language Encounter (CLE), a proven method for improving literacy developed by Rotary International. The method was based on extensive research in linguistics by Rotarian Dr. Richard Walker from Australia. It has been proven to work in any language, at any level, in any culture. CLE is potentially a powerful tool in exposing kids to the world of books as it does not only develop skills, but makes learning fun. Hence, attendees and volunteers can bring this knowledge with them when they put into practice the different reading programs they have for their respective communities.

Helping build mini-libraries and implementing a reading program are the two-pronged mission of OSAS through ICES with the help of BKP. Since this is the second workshop in the University, our SSVP-OSGP has used the method when they do their apostolate for street children and orphans. It is hoped that our BED teachers and Education students can also make this as a supplemental teaching aid.