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News - October 2008

AdU Scholars’ Undergo Spiritual Formation

Date Posted: Oct 2, 2008 at 00:45:21 AM

The Feast Day of our Beloved Patron Saint, St. Vincent De Paul, was memorable for the scholars this year. It was marked by a talk given by the National Director of the Vincentian Popular Missions, Fr. Rex Fortes, C.M. last Sept. 27 at the SV Hall.

The inspirational talk centered on Being a Vincentian for an Ordinary Lay in An Ordinary Time. During this 2-hour talk, Student Assistants, AUFAP, and other scholars were given ideas on what it takes to be ‘Vincentian’ in this day and age. As highlighted, the contemporary Vincentian lay person is: A Man with Joy, A Man with God’s Spirit, A Man with Workmanship, and A Man with Compassion. Each portion was discussed complete with a situationer: What Jesus did What St. Vincent De Paul did, and thse challenge to each and everyone.

This event aptly started with a film showing on missionaries (religious and lay alike) doing heroic deeds in everyday, ordinary situations and ended in a perfect prayer mirroring the Vincentian charism:

May we live in Jesus Christ
Through the death of Jesus Christ
And must die in Jesus Christ
Through the life of Jesus Christ
And our life must be hidden in Jesus Christ
And filled with Jesus Christ
And in order to die as Jesus Christ
We must live as Jesus Christ. Amen (SV I, 295)