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News - October 2008

Sports for Stronger AdU-Alum Ties

Date Posted: Oct 2, 2008 at 00:42:05 AM

by Jane C. Mangalus


The sturdy ties between the University and its dear alumni have been an essential treasure which both parties value ever since. This explains why a big number of graduates visit the University to give back and pay homage to their beloved Alma Mater. For instance, they came in droves for the big celebration of the University’s 75 years in 2007.


The University, through the newly established Office for Institutional Advancement, thought of organizing an event that would further strengthen this relationship through an activity dubbed Adamson Alumni Basketball League (AABL): Sports for a Cause 2009. It will be conducted from February 14 to March 14, 2009 at the St. Vincent Gym. All Alumni are encouraged to join in this fun event.


Each participating team should have at least ten (10) members (6 alumni and 4 friends) from the following age brackets:


35 and below


A registration fee of Php 30,000—inclusive of Php 5,000 bond, which will be returned to the team after the game if no technical violation is committed—is required. Down payment of Php 5,000 shall be paid on or before January 20, 2009.


Other requisites include having uniforms with official logo of the league (can be downloaded at thefalconbridge.blogspot.com), a muse representative, and a banner carrying the participating team’s name.


Proceeds of this event will go to the University’s ongoing projects like community services, facility improvement and upgrading, and scholarships.


For further details, please call the Office for Institutional Advancement at 525 9858 or 524 20 11 local 314; e-mail message to adu.advancement@gmail.com. You may also visit thefalconbridge.blogspot.com  for updates.