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News - October 2008

Students Flaunt HM Skills

Date Posted: Oct 2, 2008 at 00:23:49 AM

The Hospitality Management students recently held a culminating activity that displayed their practical skills learned from hands-on training in their course last October 8. Under the supervision of Prof. Noli Lallen, chairperson of Hospitality Management Department, the activity was held at the newly inaugurated Plaza de San Vicente.


The highlights of the activity were the table set-up and buffet table skirting with a wedding motif. These mock-up arrangements served as their rigid practical test. The Plaza de San Vicente appeared like a canvas creatively painted with colorful table settings and fabrics—further beautifying the plaza that has become a favorite rendezvous for students.


The output was based on HM students’ own plans and creative styles. Divided into teams, the students competed against each other, and winners were rewarded with cash prizes.


According to Prof. Lallen, the objective of such an activity was to showcase the talents and skills of the HM students, to foster competitiveness, and to drum up interest in the Hospitality Management course. The batch that put up the activity is the pioneer of this new course.


Also present in the culminating event were University President, Fr. Gregg L. Banaga, Jr., C.M. and Prof. Virginia Calabria, Dean of the College of Business Administration to which Hospitality Management belongs. Chat Gagola