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News - October 2008

One Step Forward for the Law Alumni

Date Posted: Oct 2, 2008 at 00:20:40 AM

by Atty. Theresa Dizon-Huggins


The acting president of the Law Alumni, Atty. Gerline Alcantara, called for a meeting on August 23, 2008 at Adamson University. Twenty alumni-lawyers were able to attend, thanks to the text message-invitations sent out with the help of Ms. Sonia de Lara, college secretary.


Held at the newly constructed Domondon Room, the meeting was highlighted by the presence and inspirational speech of our beloved Dean Antonio H. Abad, Jr. The Domondon Room was a fitting venue that the Vincentian lawyers deserved to be assembled in; they were truly awed by the sight of the furnished room. Dean Abad explained how the construction of the room was made possible. It was donated by no other than Atty. Abelardo Domondon, one of the 75 recipients of the Outstanding Adamsonian Award on the school’s 75th Foundation Day. The three other recipients coming from the College of Law were Dr. Teresita Sanchez, Atty. Nelson Loyola, and General Chito de los Santos. The members of the Law Alumni were tasked to include among their projects the sponsorship of a similar room for the exclusive use of Junior Law students. The Domondon room is for the exclusive use of the Seniors.


During the meeting, a new set of officers were elected, namely: Atty. Gerline Alcantara (President Emeritus), Atty. Theresa Dizon-Huggins (President), Atty. Jorge Sacdalan (Vice-President), Atty. Leilanie Cabras (Secretary), Atty. Florendo Rallang, Jr. (Treasurer), Atty. Blesilda Ouano (PRO), and Atty. Gigi Eusebio-Cruz (Auditor).


Board members were also designated, namely: Attys. Virgilio Galeon, Rodel Nayve, Pepito Mortel, and Raphael Kenneth Ybañez. The Committee on Falcon Awards and Homecoming was created, with Atty. Dante Corminal as chair. The members are Attys. Judy Anne Lazo-Beluso, Ronald Bersales, and Rolando Cervantes.


Second General Meeting


Last Oct. 4, 2008, a well-attended and successful alumni meeting was held. Lunch sponsored by Dean Antonio H. Abad, Jr. was served prior to the meeting which started at about 1:00 p.m., with the following highlights:


  • The attendance of lawyers from different batches was inspiring and proved to be promising. The following Vincentian lawyers were present: Atty. Daniel T. Alviar (March 1992); Atty. William A. Beluso, Jr. (March 1999); Atty. Jewel D. Bulos (March 1996); Atty. Dante R. Corminal; March 2004; Atty. Abelardo de Jesus (March 1987); Atty. Antonio Dionola (March 2001); Atty. Felipe R. Fragante (Marc 1986); Atty. Ver B. Galeon (March 1994); Atty. Ricardo Guinto (March 1996); Atty. Glenn Hao (March 1997); Atty. Theresa Huggins (October 2003); Atty. Judy Ann Lazo-Beluso (March 2000); Atty. Nelson A. Loyola (March 1970); Atty. Ferdinand H. Palafox (March 1994); Atty. Basilio B. Pooten (March 1986); Atty. Geminiano P. (Jimmy) Perez (March 2006); Atty. Florendo M. Rallang, Jr. (May 2005); Atty. Gloria G Soriao-Tirado (October 1994); and Atty. Arthur G. Tansinsin (March 2006).
  • Dean Abad’s message centered on the invitation for the December 6, 2008 Foundation Day Grand Reunion with the Law Alumni and the project of Domondon Room as well as the Memorandum of Agreement entered into by the College of Law with the Hospicio de San Jose. In essence, the Hospicio de San Jose will be needing lawyers to appear in behalf of the abandoned children under its care.
  • In response, the group of Atty. Glenn Hao and Atty. Tony Dionola, who had set up a law firm exclusively composed of Vincentian lawyers, volunteered for this undertaking.
  • Also in attendance was Atty. Nelson Loyola, one of the Outstanding Adamsonian Awardees. He pledged to pursue the construction of another room like the Domondon Room—which is envisioned to be completed before Dec. 6, 2008. It was very pleasant news for the Law alumni and our dean.
  • A new committee headed by Atty. Jay Rallang was created for the drafting of the Law Alumni Constitution and By Laws, hopefully to be presented next meeting.
  • The committee of Atty. Dante Corminal on Falcon Awards is tasked to present to the body the criteria for the Falcon Awardees on the succeeding meeting. It was also proposed that the 4 alumni awardees be automatically included. It was agreed upon that an additional two members of the law alumni need to be nominated. This committee shall work in consultation with Atty. Felipe Fragante.
  • The Foundation Day event will be handled by the President in coordination with the AUCLSG and in cooperation with the Board Members and the officers of the Law Alumni Association.


The next meeting is set on November 8, 2008 . All Law alumni are invited—lawyers and non-lawyers alike—to attend. Kindly contact Ms. Sonia de Lara to confirm your attendance at 523-36-77 or 0919-426-5494.