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News - October 2008

BLOGSPOT: Mga Butil ng Diwa ni Huseng Langgam

Date Posted: Oct 2, 2008 at 00:20:16 AM


At times we are surprised with what small things can bring to us because we normally ignore their presence. Great things do really come in small packages and this is best exemplified by one of the newest offsprings in print media: ‘BLOGSPOT Mga Butil ng Diwa ni Huseng Langgam’ (BLOGSPOT Huseng Langgam’s Grains of Wisdom)—a cute volume wonderfully crafted by our very own Mr. Joseph R. Duyan.

A husband to one wife and father to three beautiful children; a teacher way beyond classrooms; a dedicated servant of God staying within the walls of the Campus Ministry Office; a composer of songs in a musical genre that is yet to be chartered; a good friend and someone who is nice to talk to; a great visual artist and a skillful writer, Kuya Jeff, as his colleagues in the Vincentian Community call him, reincarnates himself as Huseng Langgam with his own perception of the realities of life.

Like grains of rice, Huseng Langgam’s collection of short stories—witty, humor-filled, or just plain narrative—are all packed with lessons that are worth keeping and would really leave a trace in our hearts and minds. Thus, what makes them click really is their appeal to the masses. The common elements that run through the stories, which everyone can really relate with, are the key. Add-ons to Huseng’s collection are the author’s very own illustrations which also tell their own unique stories that really capture the imagination of the readers.

Thus, something to look forward to is the response of his readers. That’s right, Huseng’s collection also contains feedbacks from his readers for this collection is a compilation of what Kuya Jeff has sent, posted, and disseminated through the internet.

Inherent in this collection is a depiction of a modern day nationalist that shows through Huseng’s personality. Implied it may be yet it is good to see that there are still people among us who take pride in being Filipino.

They may be small like ant bites, but Kuya Jeff’s legacy of little stories is bound to make a lasting and positive impact on its readers and more so if the thread of feedbacks continue as a never-ending chain, thus resulting most likely in another volume.

The book is now available at the Adamson University Bookstore and Marian Bookstore. Grab a copy now. Henry F. Catindig, Jr.