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News - November 2008

AdUChESS Holds Toastmasters Demo Meeting

Date Posted: Nov 2, 2008 at 07:13:07 AM

AdU is first university in the Philippines to have its own Toastmasters Club


A Toastmasters Demo Meeting will be held on December 4, 2008 at the Engineering Conference Room, Ozanam Building. Anchored on the theme Empowerment thru Toastmasters, the event is being organized in cooperation with Engr. Marife Lacsamana—Adamson ChE alumna and the current president of Philamlife Toastmasters Club.


The demo meeting will cover such areas as “How to develop impromptu speaking skills,” “How to deliver prepared speeches and presentations,” and the like. Also, the program will showcase practicing parliamentary procedure, conducting quality meetings, and enhancing leadership abilities.


More than 20 Chemical Engineering students will undergo Speechcraft, a training module on Success/Leadership and Success/Communication Programs of Toastmasters International, which was founded by Ralph Smedley and based in Rancho Santa Margarita, California, USA. According to Melody Jay Ison, AdUChESS president, this program is a venue to introduce how a regular Toastmasters Meeting is conducted in order to guide ChE students in setting up their own Toastmasters Club.


Moreover, the mission of the said club is to provide a mutually supportive and positive learning environment wherein every member has the opportunity to develop communication and leadership skills to boost self-confidence and personal growth.


“Having our own students’ Toastmasters Club will be like having an in-house educational training program in the academe designed to teach better speaking skills with sense and eloquence, as well as improving leadership skills. Furthermore, Toastmasters will empower students in gaining more confidence in communication, including writing and delivering speeches, impromptu speaking, the use of audio-visual aids, body language and effective listening,” Ms. Melody added.


Meanwhile, the Toastmasters of the Day will be represented by DGM & PAG Chen W. Villacorta, ATMG, ALB and Div. B Gov. Atty. Philip I. Iledan, Jr. ATMG will act as General Evaluator in the TM Meeting. On the other hand, TM Bert P. Escolin and TM William Lee both prepared speeches on the Competent Communication Manual, to be followed by the evaluation of the other Toastmasters. The Demo Meeting will end with the Closing Remarks by Engr. Marife Lacsamana.


Ms. Melody also stressed that this Toastmasters Demo Meeting is the best venue to bring out the best and maximize the potentials of our students and will likewise benefit Adamson University’s image-building and reputation for being the 1st university in the Philippines to have a students Toastmasters Club. The next part of the Demo Meeting will be held on Dec. 18.