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News - November 2008

CRECE Offers Workshop on Research Proposals

Date Posted: Nov 2, 2008 at 07:12:37 AM

The Center for Research, Evaluation, and Continuing Education (CRECE) invites the University’s faculty members to attend a 9-day intensive sessions on Development and Writing of Research Proposals from November 2008 to February 2009. CRECE is sponsoring this event, a once-a-week training-workshop to commence on Nov. 28 at the Accreditation Meeting Room (CS 205).


As stated in the letter written by CRECE Director, Engr. Venusmar C. Quevedo, last Nov. 20, 2008 to the concerned parties, ‘this research capability building workshop targets to produce at least 30 research proposals for funding in SY 2009-2010. Hence, this training is required for faculty members who will apply for research grants next school year.’


Qualified are those: a.) fulltime faculty members; b.) who have not been recipients of a research grant from the University for the last two school years; c.) who have at least a Master’s degree aligned to specialization; d.) who have the intention of finishing the training-workshop and a serious desire to engage in research work.


Dr. Marilyn Ellorin-Crisostomo—current Principal Consultant and Director of MEC Health Research and Statistics and a fellow of the John Hopkins Medical Center in Harvard University, USA—will be the resource person of the workshop.


For particulars, interested parties may call 524 20 11 local 153 or e-mail bel_bernas@yahoo.com