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News - November 2008

SV Sudz Detergent Launched

Date Posted: Nov 2, 2008 at 07:11:32 AM

AdU's Integrated Community Exxtension Services (ICES) seems to be tireless in conducting various community programs. From Southville I in Cabuyao, Laguna to Northville IV in Marilao, Bulacan, it has its hands full carrying out various projects. Only last year, the Vincentian Center for Social Responsibility (VCSR) organized by the ICES launched the Piso Mula sa Puso project to generate funds for the livelihood activities of Southville I residents.


The VCSR core group, together with facilitators from Adamson and the people of the community, has come up with another idea. It has ventured into the manufacture of detergent products as an income-generating pursuit for the aforementioned communities. With the help of AdU's alumni, the members were trained on the technical aspects of soap production, running a business, bookkeeping, savings, and marketing.


On the feast day of St. Vincent de Paul, ICES launched the SV Sudz Project: Sabong Bibilhin mo, tulong Pangkabuhayan ko. In this soap-making endeavor, Adamson Univesity is in-charge of repacking and marketing the products made by the community. All academic departments and co-academic offices are encouraged to patronize the products. All these, ICES hopes, will build up the university's advocacy for Academic Social Entrepreneurship.


The people from Makati and Cabuyao Railroad in Southville have adjusted to their new life but the people from Sampaloc Railroad in Northville IV are just beginning. Hopefully, it won't take long because according to ICES Director Fr. Nonong Fajardo, five years is enough to enable these people stand on their own.


In a related development, the South Manila Inter-Institutional Consortium-Extension Services Committee, which is also chaired by Fr. Fajardo, aims to work with the people of Northville IV in terms of value formation, community upgrade and livelihood.


On their first year in the project SMI-IC members spent their time on leveling-off. They decided on the methodology to be used, the monetary funding and other obligations of each member for the project. Now in their second year, they are busy with the assessment of the community's needs. Site development and solid waste management are just two of the programs the consortium is attending to. MJ Nermal