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News - November 2008

OAD Conducts International Benchmarking

Date Posted: Nov 2, 2008 at 07:10:04 AM

The Office Administration Department (OAD) conducted an international benchmarking in Singapore last October 23, 2008. The delegation team was headed by Prof. Angelito F. Balboa, OAD chairperson and was made up of faculty members, namely: Prof. Nelia R. Alejandrino, Prof. Maridel O. Casas, Prof. Wilma Permison, Prof. Lynn G. Fufugal, Prof. Ofelia C. Gabaleño, Prof. Aurea C. Suzara, Prof. Adi Cajayon, and Dr. Estelita B. Santos.


The team was received by Ms. Shelley Chan from the Office of the President of the Singapore Management University (SMU). Different academic administrators from SMU discussed essential information about their university and how it maintains its excellent education. These include curricula, facilities, instruction, and community service.


The Students’ Core Ambassadors gave the AdU delegates a tour of the campus. One of the deans who accommodated them was Dr. Robert Mariano, dean of the College of Economics. The dean related some of the significant details of the programs offered by SMU to the delegates.


Prof. Angelito F. Balboa presented a copy of Adamson University’s coffee table book as a token of appreciation to Prof. Howard Hunter, president of SMU. The activity ended with the visitors inviting Dr. Mariano to give a lecture at Adamson University in the future.