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News - February 2009

Reflecting on St. Vincent

Date Posted: Feb 2, 2009 at 06:50:33 AM

Another book focusing on the University’s Patron Saint launched


by Jane C. Mangalus


Presented on January 25, 2009 at the Santuario de San Vicente de Paul in Tandang Sora, Quezon City was a book authored by Fr. Serafin Peralta, C.M. titled Reflections: Last Ten Years in the Life of St. Vincent de Paul. The book launch was held on the occasion of the 391st Foundation Anniversary of the Congregation of the Mission.


After the 9 a.m. Mass, the launching ceremonies followed wherein the author was introduced and the synopsis of the book read before the attendees.


Published by the Adamson University Press, Inc.—with cover design by Fr. Gerry Vibar, C.M.—Reflections is divided into 7 chapters, namely, Ten Years Before His Death; Ways of Looking at St. Vincent at This Time of His Life; Lessons Learned; Spiritual Reflection, Thoughts, and Guides; Death is A Passage; Putting Things in Order; and Dying is More.




St. Vincent de Paul lived a very colorful life, not because he was controversial, or because he made himself rich via corruption, lies, and manipulations. He lived a colorful life because of his deep love of God and his great service of the poor. What St. Vincent was during the last ten years of his life was the fruit of many years of hard work, introspection, inventiveness, prayer, and self discipline. What he shared with his priests and brothers, with the Daughters and the Ladies of Charity, with his friends, benefactors and the members of the clergy and the nobility by way of letters, conferences, repetitions of prayers and talks were products of his experiences of Jesus. It’s no wonder that the end of his life, the last word heard from him, although very faintly, was “Jesus.”


Read through this book and you will be inspired, as the author was, to draw lessons even from the ordinary activities of life. St. Vincent himself never let an experience pass him by without appreciating a lesson learned, even from the horses that he saw one evening on his way home, how patiently they were waiting for their masters. So is it with us. We can always draw lessons from our experiences, no matter how ordinary, lessons that will lead us to God, or help us avoid the same mistakes, or lessons that will help us improve our life and the way we see things.


The book is arranged to help us reflect on our past and make resolutions for whatever time God still has left for us. From chapter to chapter, we are invited to reflect, to keep on learning lessons, to look at death as a passage, to put things in order, to appreciate dying as more. Guide questions are prominently included