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News - February 2009

Engineering and Architecture To Reach Greater Heights

Date Posted: Feb 2, 2009 at 06:49:16 AM

The College of Architecture and College of Engineering, in cooperation with the University's Center for Research, Evaluation, and Continuing Education (CRECE), held a seminar on Globalizing Architecture and Engineering Professional Practices Through International Program Recognition last January 19, 2009 at the Ozanam Audio-Visual Room.


Dr. Reynaldo Vea, President of the Mapua Institute of Technology (MIT), was the invited guest speaker.


Topics discussed during the event were establishing and developing standards of engineering profession and engineer mobility within the ASEAN countries; providing information and leadership to the engineering profession on issues of concern to the public or the profession; serving society and to be recognized by national and international organizations and the public; making information on engineering available to the countries of the world and to facilitate communication between its member nations; fostering peace, socio-economic security, and sustainable development among all countries of the world through the proper application of technology; facilitating relationships between governments, business, and people by bringing an engineering dimension to discussion of policies and investment among others.


This gathering was made possible through the coordinated efforts of CRECE director Engr. Venusmar Quevedo, College of Architecture dean Arch. Jean Cornejo, College of Engineering dean Engr. Jesus Manalastas, and the department chairpersons under the College of Engineering.


It is hoped that with holding such an ambitious but significant event, the University's engineering and architecture programs will parallel global standards. Jane C. Mangalus