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News - December 2011

Renowned British geologist lectures at AdU on economic geology

Date Posted: Dec 16, 2011 at 02:00:49 AM

The Adamson University Mining Engineering and Geology Association (AUMEGA) and the AdU Geology Alumni Association (AdUGAA) recently brought a renowned British geologist to the campus for a rare engagement, a lecture on economic geology with a focus on Myanmar’s mines.

Dr. Andrew Mitchell came to the Ozanam Audio-Visual Room on the afternoon of December 3 to lecture on two topics based on his work in Myanmar. The first topic was on very high-grade orogenic quartz-aurum vein deposits in the Permo-Carboniferous Slate Belt in central Myanmar, which was an indication of a central gold province in the area. The second lecture was on the giant high sulpidation chalcocite-covellite deposit in the Monywa Cu mines in western Myanmar, said to be East Asia’s largest supergene enrichment zone.

Dr. Mitchell has worked in south and southeast Asia for more than 30 years, including here in the Philippines. A graduate of Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, he first worked as geologist for the British government in the New Hebrides Geological Survey until 1967. After getting a PhD from Oxford University in 1969, he began working with British and national teams in mineral exploration and mapping in Burma and Thailand in 1973. He joined the United Nations Development Program the year after and worked with government geologists in mineral projects in Myanmar, Nepal, and the Philippines until 1987. Dr. Mitchell then worked with Musellbrook Mining for exploration in southeast Asia before working as consultant for mining companies in east Asia and eastern Europe for five years. He joined Ivanhoe Mines in 1995 until this year and ran their Myanmar exploration program, during which the Modi Taung gold deposit was discovered, partially developed, and then nationalized. He has co-authored two books, the second of which was on epithermal gold in the Philippines, and about 100 articles mostly on the relationship of mineralization to tectonics. His writings also gave another PhD, which he obtained in 1988.

The lecture was attended by students and alumni of the Mining Engineering and Geology programs along with students from Mapúa Institute of Technology and University of the Philippines-Diliman. AdU, Mapúa, and UP-Diliman are the only universities in Metro Manila that offer BS Mining Engineering and BS Geology. Major sponsors for the lecture were Ivanhoe Mines, Philex Mining Corporation, and MRL Gold Philippines.