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News - February 2009

SIAS Faculty Study College of Nursing Program

Date Posted: Feb 2, 2009 at 06:46:32 AM

In line with the Memorandum of Understanding on Educational Exchange and Cooperation between Adamson University and SIAS International University in Henan, China, two nursing faculty members from the latter school are presently on a 3-month immersion in the College of Nursing. Ms. Li Huan and Ms. Zhang Yuling will stay from January 13-March 31, 2009 to study and observe Adamson's Nursing program in preparation for the opening of SIAS University's own nursing program in September 2009.


The two Chinese visitors' activities include observing lecture and laboratory procedures on the part of the students and the teachers and eventually joining outreach activities and hospital tours among others. The whole point of their extended stay is to thoroughly equip them with all the information and know-how in running the nursing department that they will eventually put up once they go back to SIAS.


Ms. Li Huan has a degree in BS in Nursing while Ms. Zhang Yuling already finished MS in Nursing.


It will be recalled that back on October 26, 2008, the CAO director Mrs. Nenita Dimapilis, L.A. and Education dean Dr. Servillano Marquez, P.E. director Lorna Espeso and three faculty members from the P.E. Department went to SIAS International University to attend its 10th Cultural Week. This was the first activity done under the AdU-SIAS MOA for cultural and faculty-student exchange. The AdU representatives delivered lectures and performed folk dances in the host university. The observation-study of the two faculty members from SIAS in the College of Nursing is another activity that falls under the MOA between the two schools.


It is hoped that relations between the two schools will continue to grow and yield fruitful exchanges and mutually advantageous exchanges in the future.