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News - February 2009

Fr. Suarez Celebrates Healing Mass at Adamson

Date Posted: Feb 2, 2009 at 06:45:36 AM

Famous Filipino healing priest Fr. Fernando Suarez, C.C., came to Adamson University last February 7, 2009 to say Mass on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Adamson University Alumni Association, Inc., and the 77th foundation anniversary of Adamson University. Concelebrating with him were Vincentian priests who are also administrators of the University. Fr. Suarez was invited by the president and officers of the AUAAI. That same day was also his birthday.


In attendance during this special gathering, which was held at the St. Theresa's quadrangle, were alumni, members of the Adamson community, and guests.


In his homily, he emphasized the need for faith during healing, making it clear that he was only an instrument of the Lord. The occasion being a homecoming, Fr. Suarez could not help include in his homily his beautiful recollections of his student days in Adamson University. It was in fact while he was pursuing his chemical engineering degree and serving as a student assistant that he discovered his spirituality. This ultimately led him to his entering the priesthood after working as a professional for some years.


The healing proper took place after the Mass, with Fr. Suarez approaching the assembly individually, row by row, as his special gift to fellow Adamsonians on his birthday.