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News - February 2009

AdU-Chung Yuan Christian University Educational Exchange

Date Posted: Feb 2, 2009 at 06:40:35 AM

Chung Yuan Christian University and Adamson University signed a Memorandum of Understanding on Educational Exchange last December 12, 2008 at Chung-Li, Taiwan, Republic of China. Signatories of the said memorandum were Wan-Lee Cheng, president of Chung Yuan, and Fr. Gregorio L. Banaga, Jr., C.M. with Jyh-tong Teng, dean of Office for International Affairs and Engr. Jesus C. Manalastas, AdU’s dean of the College of Engineering standing as witnesses.


The memorandum of understanding was designed to foster goodwill, to strengthen cultural ties, and to broaden faculty and student experiences and horizons through academic exchange and mutual cooperation in teaching and research. No financial obligations are assumed under this agreement. This involves the exchange of faculty, students, professional staff as well as academic information. Through this exchange program, instructional and research activities at both institutions can be enriched and mutual understanding enhanced between Filipino and Chinese faculty and students.


Chung Yuan University and Adamson University have reached agreement on the following areas of cooperation, in particular: exchange of faculty and researchers; exchange of undergraduate and graduate students for research and study; exchange of instructional materials; organization of joint research projects including their publication in professional journals; organization of joint continuing education activities such as seminars and workshops; development of cultural exchanges through sharing of information on culture and arts and heritage studies.


The agreement shall be in effect for 3 years beginning from the date of signing after which it shall be reviewed for possible extension. Either party may terminate the agreement by written notification signed by the appropriate official of the institution initiating the notice. However, such notification must be received by the other party at least three (3) months prior to the effective date of termination. Such action shall not affect on-going programs at the time of termination.