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News - February 2009

CAO Presents ‘IDOL: Pag-asa ng Bayan’

Date Posted: Feb 2, 2009 at 06:28:07 AM

The University’s Cultural Affairs Office (CAO), in cooperation with Jesuit Communications and Brave New Films 05 presented a very timely film titled IDOL: Pag-Asa ng Bayan last February 17-20 at the Adamson University Theater. Before the opening screening, a short program was conducted with welcome remarks from Rev. Fr. Gregg Bañaga, Jr., C.M. and an introductory talk from Mr. Cesar Evangelista Buendia, the film director.


The film, a typical youth-themed movie, tells the story of a High School student Eleazar “Elly” Zabarte—portrayed by Cedric Jose—and his classmates—Simon, Tompet, and JP. Elly, who comes from a deprived family, is a candidate for valedictorian and is also a student assistant. Simon, a rich friend of Elly is the one who supports him financially. In return Elly helps Simon in his academic tasks. Mindful of the Filipino value of “utang na loob,” Elly, who has access to some confidential school papers, couldn’t resist getting a copy of their final exam questions especially because Simon and his friends appear to be unsure about graduating. But unexpectedly, the copy multiplies that 54% of the batch got almost perfect scores, which stunned their teachers.


Veteran actors Michael de Mesa and Jaclyn Jose also starred in the film.


The film has been touring different colleges and among those it has visited are Ateneo de Manila University, Miriam College, Philippine Christian University, UP Integrated School, Sunny Hill High School, Baliuag University, and some high schools in Marikina.


A 1989 UP Journalism graduate, Cesar wrote scripts for ABS-CBN shows like the Maricel Soriano Drama Special, Viva Spotlight, and Goin’ Bananas among others.


This film is not only recommended to students but also to parents, public officials, and politicians as its theme reflects contemporary social realities in the country. CBG