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News - March 2009

77th Foundation Week: Celebrating Excellence

Date Posted: Mar 2, 2009 at 06:04:02 AM

It was another festive and stress-relieving celebration of Adamson’s historic moment – it’s foundation in 1932. Amidst the worrisome economic crunch, the community still managed to pull a party atmosphere yet not forgetting to attend to the needs of its less fortunate brothers outside its boundaries.


Adamson University has exemplified resilience through its 77 years as a learning institution, ever seeking to raise its standards as a strategy for organizational survival– reason enough for the entire community to at least once a year, spend several days of respite from work to re-energize through fun, laughter, and camaraderie.


Significant and fun activities were carried out during the University’s weeklong 77th Foundation anniversary celebration last February 7-14, 2009. AdU’s administrators, faculty, employees, and students collaborated to come up with a holistic array of events participated in and enjoyed by the whole community.


During the Pre-foundation week—January 19- February 5, 2009—seminars, lectures, and dental mission were arranged. The Center for Research, Evaluation, and Continuing Education (CRECE) tied up with the College of Architecture, College of Engineering, College of Liberal Arts, and College of Science for seminars on: Globalizing Architecture and Engineering Professional Practices Through International Program Recognition; History, Culture, Values: Strongest Links of Liberal Arts Towards Strengthening Filipino Identity; Science and Technology Agenda: Partnership with the Academe for Competitive World Class Initiatives. Known and accomplished speakers like National Historical Institute chairman Dr. Ambeth Ocampo, Mapua Institute of Technology president Dr. Reynaldo Vea, and undersecretary of Department of Science and Technology Dr. Graciano Yumul.


On February 7, famous healing priest and alumni Fr. Fernando Suarez held a healing Mass for Adamsonians at the ST Quadrangle at 10 a.m. During this day, the annual Alumni Homecoming was held at 3 p.m. highlighted by the election of the Alumni Association’s new set of officers.

On February 9, new rooms were formally blessed, namely ComSci AVR, Physics, AVR, and Physics Museum. Exhibits of engineering students were also formally opened.

February 10, on the other hand, was more of a fun day as AUSG Sports fest, Sciences Night, Testimonial Dinner, and Variety Show occupied several venues in the University. This was continued during the next day, February 11, where activities like Nursing Idol, Adamson’s Next Top Model, and Panalympics were organized.


February 12 became the most festive of all as an institutional parade was started from SV Parking lot to Faura St., Taft Avenue, Ayala Blvd. and back to the stretch of San Marcelino St. At 10:00 a.m., both students and employees merged into several groups to play Pinoy Games. Also during this day, SV Parish Church became witness to the soul-soothing Canticle Choral Fest. At 5:00 p.m., stunning representatives from different colleges competed for the title of G. at Bb. Adamson at the ST Quad.


February 13 was also a busy day as select employees of the University were awarded during the annual Institutional Awards. Earlier, a student forum and Asian Dances field demonstration were held.


During the last day of the foundation week, February 14, the Adamson Alumni Basketball League was formally opened at SV Gym with the presence of basketball superstars like Kenneth Duremdes and Marlou Aquino. Also during this day, the College of Law and Graduate School held their own set of programs. JCM