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News - April 2009

Blue Team wins basketball championship in summer sportsfest

Date Posted: Apr 2, 2009 at 05:47:26 AM

The Blue team, composed of faculty members from the colleges of Liberal Arts, Education, and Architecture, won the men’s basketball championship against the Green Team at the recently concluded Sportsfest 2009, sponsored by the Human Resource Management and Development Office. The championship match was held on April 1, 2009 at the University Gym.


The Green Team, composed of faculty members from the College of Science and Institute of Religious Education (IRED), started well during the first quarter and garnered an early advantage but the Blue Team broke back to take the lead and maintain it throughout, leading by as much as six points at various times during the game. The Green Team managed to get back to lead 51-50 at five minutes into the third with a basket from under the net and took another lead at 53-52 three minutes into the third. However, the Blue Team was able to take back the lead after two out of four free throws shortly, and continued to hold the lead until they won 65-60.


The awarding ceremonies were held immediately after game, with Coach Leo Austria of the Adamson men's basketball team giving out the awards. The Red Team, composed of staff members from the various co-academic departments, won third place. Prof. Paul Belleza from the Blue Team was declared MVP.


Awards for the men’s and women’s volleyball games were also given during the ceremonies. The Orange Team, represented by faculty from the Engineering and Basic Education departments, ruled the men’s volleyball games with the Blue and Green teams coming up second and third, respectively. The women’s volleyball game saw the Red Team (the co-academic department staffers) beat the Green Team for the championship while the Blue Team settled for third place.