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News - June 2009

AdU Libraries Convene for Lecture Series 4

Date Posted: Jun 2, 2009 at 03:41:38 AM

As part of its efforts to continuously provide excellent service to the Adamson community, the Adamson University Libraries held its Library Lecture Series 4 with a three-day workshop last May 27 and 28, 2009 at the Audio-Visual Room of the LM Library. The current series’ theme was Empowering Library Staff for an Enhanced Quality Service, with topics covering new and innovative ways of giving service as well as practical skills to enhance their work.


The guest speaker for this recent lecture series was Ms. Milagros Santos-Ong, Library Director of the Supreme Court. On Day 1’s first session Ms. Santos-Ong lectured on legal research, imparting her knowledge on the maintenance of a legal library including where to source unavailable collections and references as well as which collections are more suitable and authoritative. She has been the long-time director of the Supreme Court Library and together with Justice Antonio T. Carpio pioneered the production of the SC’s e-Library, which went online in 2004.


The second session focused on Public Relations Skills for Library Staff, a lecture given by AdU Libraries Director Ms. Helen C. De Castro. The third session featured a review on the Libraries’ Collections Management Policy System with Ms. Marife L. Madronio, Acquisitions Section librarian, leading it. The fourth session saw Cataloging Section librarians Ms. Geraldine G. De Leon and Ms. Elvira D. Pineda reviewing the right way to book covering, while the last session of the day saw a review on shelf reading, with Ms. Helen A. Ordoñez (Head, Readers’ Services) and Ms. Herminia S. Revalo (Library Assistant, Thesis Section) giving the talk.


Day 2 was the day for five echo seminars: Establishing Legal Resources Collections in Libraries and Information Centers by Ms. De Castro; CE Logic 1st National Conference on Digital and Electronic Library Resources by Ms. Catherine Libadia (librarian, Graduate School) and Ms. Revalo; Web Technologies: Training for Development of Library and Teaching by Mr. Carlo Caringal (Law Library Assistant); The 1st Library Link Conference by Ms. Ordoñez; and Information Literacy and the Librarian Teacher Partnership by Ms. Vivian A. Lirio (Reference and IMS Section Librarian).


Open forums where held throughout the lectures to allow the Library heads and staff to ask questions and share ideas. The head librarians of the various sections of the library also held their meeting on Day 2. A coffee break and games rounded up the two-day lecture series. Yael Esperat