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News - June 2009

Presidential Citation Given to Mrs. Adamson

Date Posted: Jun 2, 2009 at 03:40:47 AM

By Yael Esperat


“Better late than never,” goes the cliché, and in this case an expression of honor and thanks might as very well be.


To express the Adamson University’s unending gratitude to the pillars of the institution, University President Rev. Fr. Gregorio L. Bañaga Jr. C.M. recently presented a Special Presidential Citation to Mrs. Evdoxia Adamson, wife of AdU Founder George Lucas Adamson and former dean of the colleges of Education and Liberal Arts, at the Hotel Puente Romano in Marbella, Spain last May 15, 2009.


Fr. Gregg presented the plaque and paid tribute to Mrs. Adamson in an intimate gathering attended by relatives and friends of the Adamson family. Dr. Lucas George Adamson (only child of Dr. George Lucas and Mrs. Adamson), his wife Theresa June, and daughter Dorothea played host for the evening.


In his tribute Fr. Gregg called Mrs. Adamson’s service “a shining example” and “immeasurably important” to the development of the university. Her choice to become more than just the wife of the founder was infinitely providential. With four degrees under her belt—bachelor’s degrees in education, foreign service, and law, and a master’s in education—Mrs. Adamson was indeed more than fit to become an official of the university. And she did so right way, working up the ranks from teacher to becoming dean as well as being a member of the board of trustees. Those long years of service helped shape the University into what is it now.


In turn Mrs. Adamson expressed her gratitude to the University for the citation, saying she was deeply moved and honored. Her face still bright despite her years, she showed her masterful memory as she enumerated the multinational student body of Adamson during her time in her speech.


 At the end of the program Mrs. June Adamson in her closing shared that they were looking forward to the opening of the Adamson University Museum, where memorabilia that had been in Mrs. Adamson’s safekeeping will be housed. The collection includes all of Dr. George Lucas’s memorabilia since his arrival in the country in the late 1920s. The Museum’s opening will be determined by the University President.