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News - June 2009

Cheerdance Clash Caps SSVP-OSGP Summer Sportsfest ‘09

Date Posted: Jun 2, 2009 at 03:34:44 AM

As part of the highlights of the annual sportsfest, the SSVP-OSGP held its cheerdance competition last June 13, 2009 at SV Grounds. After a month-long preparation and rehearsals for their own routines, the Miraculous Medal Group dominated this year’s cheerdance clash. The Saint Catherine Laboure Group garnered the 1st runner-up award and Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton Group reaped the 2nd runner-up award.


Meanwhile, the rest of the games for Sportsfest ’09 has ended and the following teams achieved victory in these categories:


Champion: St. Dominic De Savio Group
1st Runner-up: St. John Bosco Group
2nd Runner-up: St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Group


Volleyball (Men)
Champion: Saint John Bosco Group
1st Runner-up: Saint Francis Regis Clet Group
2nd Runner-up: Miraculous Medal Group


Volleyball (Women)
Champion: Saint Francis Regis Clet
1st Runner-up: Saint Catherine Laboure
2nd Runner-up: Saint Dominic


Badminton Singles (Men)
Champion: Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton (Denise Gubi)
1st Runner-up: Saint John Bosco (Carmelita Geralde)
2nd Runner-up: Saint Catherine (Mark Raymundo)


Badminton Singles (Women)
Champion: Miraculous Medal
1st Runner-up: St. John Bosco
2nd Runner-up: Saint Francis Regis Clet


Badminton (Mixed Doubles)
Champion: Saint John Baptist De La Salle (Antonio Lumbo III, Gina Evangelista)
1st Runner-up: Miraculous Medal (Ma. Arnie Tacba, Darwin Disu)
2nd Runner-up: Saint Francis Regis Clet (Joanne Pascua, Jen Cristobal)


-Khaye Ritual