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News - June 2009

Annual General Assembly Opens New School Year

Date Posted: Jun 2, 2009 at 03:34:12 AM

The achievements of the previous school years and plans for the immediate future of Adamson University were driven home into by a heartfelt and emotional speech delivered by the University President as faculty and staff gathered for the Annual General Assembly held last June 11, 2009 at the University Theater. The College of Engineering was this year’s host.


The General Assembly began with a Holy Mass celebrated by Rev. Fr. Peter Solis C.M., superior of the DePaul House in Tandang Sora, Quezon City. University President Rev. Fr. Gregorio L. Bañaga, Jr., C.M. delivered his so-called “state of the school address” in two parts, beginning with what the school was able to accomplish during the school year 2008-2009, and listing what the school hopes to make the first step with or make improvements on in the latter part. In laying these forward Fr. Gregg divided the report into sections following the framework used during the IQUAME accreditation visit: Quality of Teaching and Research, Support for Students, Community Relations, Management and Governance, and Management of Resources.


While being proud of AdU’s achievements for the previous year and giving credit to those who worked hard for it to happen, Fr. Gregg also underlined the weak areas in the operations and academic results of the University. By telling the status as it is and not holding back, the University will be kept on its toes and be reminded of work still needed to be done.


Apart from the President’s Report, the new set of appointees for the academic and co-academic positions took their oath of office to formally induct them to their new positions. Rev. Fr. Francisco Nicolas P. Magnaye C.M., the new Vice President for Academic Affairs, and Prof. Ana Liza M. Ragos, VP for Administration, administered the oath.


This year’s theme was Moving Together Towards Excellence. In his speech Fr. Gregg likened the university’s efforts to what our patron St. Vincent told Queen Anne: he cannot stop working for the poor because he has done so little. He has to do something more. As Fr. Gregg says, “We cannot rest, stand still and be complacent with what we have achieved. To slow down or to stop is to retrogress…On the road to excellence, we really don’t have a choice or an option; it is either we continue improving ourselves or we slide back.


But moving ahead and improving ourselves is not enough. We have to move together. We have to be coordinated, organized, systematic and synchronized. We have to work together as a team or else we will work against each other.”


With those words, the community is invited to take inspiration from St. Vincent’s words and work together to achieve excellence, and more. Yael Esperat