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News - July 2009

Soundcheck stirs up a different vibe at AdU Art Gallery

Date Posted: Jul 2, 2009 at 03:07:17 AM

Those who came expecting to see art in traditional form and media such as painting in oil or sculpture in bronze were bound to be disappointed for Soundcheck, an experimental mix of aural and visual elements would impress them as rather eccentric. But that was exactly the whole point of the exhibit by multimedia artists Sherwin Carillo, Mannet Villariba, Marlon Magbanua, and Lirio Salvador. The artists’ collective, creative output was a mixed media work designed to provide an aesthetic far removed from the usual. The result: a heady serving of an otherworldly experience complete with tribal chants, buzzer, scratch and other techno sounds, drumbeats and computer-generated mouse-driven sketching on a wide screen that appeared like an infinite re-visioning of a Beziers screen saver. The only concession to “traditional” art was the paintings hung on the gallery walls accompanying the live performance.


The show opened last July 7, 2009 at 2:00 p.m. with a short program emceed by Ms. Pam Mantuhac. University President Fr. Gregg L. Bañaga Jr., C.M., expressed both enthusiasm and curious interest in the art event that was about to happen. He also thanked the artists for agreeing to share their talents with the AdU community. The AdU Acoustic Band also performed during the opening program, regaling the audience with their prize-winning rendition of Besame Mucho. One of the artists, Mannet Villariba, gave the main introduction to the exhibit and thanked the students and the administrators for coming. Shortly after, Mannet and his fellow artists joined Fr. Gregg, for the ribbon-cutting to formally open the exhibit. Also present were Mrs. Ana Liza M. Ragos, VP Administration, Mrs. Nenita Dimapilis, CAO Director, and other administrators and officials.


The highlight of the event was the live performance by the artists. Lirio played with his electronic instrument – an assemblage of ready-mades and electronic gadgetry - that created high-pitched sounds with varying tones. Marlon played the electric guitar, letting his fingers play with every string with the help of a tremulo and a slide on the floor. Sherwin jived with his djembe, an African drum, while Mannet manipulated the visual effects that created a somewhat futuristic impression on the screen. When asked how long the group plans to do such exhibits, they answered, “As long as our heart is into it, it’s a passion, and we’ll never stop.”


If you want to listen to some of their experimental music, you can purchase a copy of the album “Magbanua” at the Art Gallery. This exhibit runs until July 30, 2009 and the Gallery is open Mondays to Fridays, 9:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. - Maricris Gali/RDA