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News - July 2009

HRMDO orients employees on new classification and promotion system

Date Posted: Jul 2, 2009 at 03:04:51 AM

The new Co-Academic Classification and Promotion System, otherwise known as Competency-Based Career Banding and Performance Management System prepared by the HRMDO and presented to the Adamson University Faculty and Employees Association (AUFEA) inputs and suggestions, was recently signed by the Administration, represented by University president Fr. Gregg Bañaga, Jr., C.M. and the AUFEA, represented by its president Prof. Orestes de los Reyes. To familiarize the employees on the details of the system, a one-day orientation seminar-workshop was conducted last June 30 by HRMDO Director Grace de Guzman for the co-academic directors and heads. A similar one was conducted for rank and file employees last July 10. Ms. De Guzman was assisted by University Legal Counsel Agnes Rivera.


Basically, the scheme lumps together similar job categories and works out a promotion system that is lateral and based on a consecutive three-year evaluation of performance and competencies. Since there are limited positions in the organization for employees to rise up to, the lateral promotion allows employees to move to a new job within the same career band with a higher degree of responsibility, knowledge, skill/accountability requirement either within or outside their current division/department; or when an employee’s job changes significantly in which the nature of the position/function changes. For both instance, corresponding adjustments in compensation are made.


This classification and promotion system aims to sustain a membership of high performing and key contributing employees as well as to build employees’ commitment towards the organization and to motivate employees towards achieving superior levels of quality performance.


Meanwhile, a two-day seminar-workshop on manualizing operations was held last July 14-15 at the OZ Conference Room. Prof. Bonifacio Macaranas and Prof. Jorge Sibal, both from the UP School of Labor and Industrial Relations, were the lecturers. The co-academic directors and section heads of the University attended the workshop.


Prof. Macaranas talked about Work Systems: Manualizing Policies and Procedures while Prof. Sibal discussed Charting Tools in Work Improvement.


This seminar-workshop was designed to make the participants adept in proper documentation of operational processes and procedures. It will also help the University’s bid for ISO certification. Kaye Ritual/RDA