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News - August 2009

AdU Pays Homage to Ninoy Through Photos

Date Posted: Aug 2, 2009 at 02:50:49 AM

Just a day after a heartbroken nation buried its beloved President Corazon Aquino, Adamson University paid homage to the president’s late husband Sen. Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr. through photos documenting his fight to free the Philippines from Martial Law’s oppressive claws.


The Cultural Affairs Office partnered with the Benigno S. Aquino Jr. Foundation (BSAF) to showcase images highlighting Ninoy’s sweet, colorful, and at times painful life. The photos being exhibited at the AdU Art Gallery start from Ninoy’s youth, to his marriage to “Cory” (née Cojuangco) and their family life, to his foray into local and national politics, up to his incarceration during Martial Law, his exile in Boston, and his assassination upon his return home in 1983. The exhibit also has images taken during the hearing conducted by the Agrava fact-finding commission, which was convened by Pres. Ferdinand Marcos purportedly to find the mastermind behind the killing.


The exhibit formally opened with a small program at the BA Hallway. Mr. Eric Pasion, Youth Leader and resource speaker from the BSAF gave the introduction to the exhibit. In his message Mr. Pasion called on the students present at the program to continue the fight Ninoy had started—the fight for democracy, truth and freedom. In spite of not having lived through Ninoy’s assassination in 1983 and the EDSA Revolution in 1986, Pasion encouraged the young Adamsonians to get involved and let the memory of Ninoy and what he had fought for be their inspiration.


Fr. Bernie Diaz C.M., Campus Ministry Office director, opened the program with a prayer after which University President Fr. Gregg L. Bañaga Jr., C.M. gave the welcome remarks. Atty. Julius Babista, director of the Office for Student Affairs, gave a speech remembering Ninoy’s legacy along with clips from the movie Laban! The Meaning of EDSA Revolution. Later Mrs. Ana Liza Ragos, VP Administration, and Fr. Francisco Nicolas Magnaye Jr., C.M., joined Fr. Gregg for the ribbon cutting ceremony.


Ms. Sally Jo Bellosillo, director of Laban!, was also present for the opening.


The exhibit runs until August 31. The Art Gallery is open Mondays to Fridays from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM.