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News - August 2009

Administrators back from another fruitful visit to SIU

Date Posted: Aug 2, 2009 at 02:50:07 AM

Vice President for Administration Mrs. Ana Liza Ragos and College of Nursing Dean Naressia Ballena’s recent trip to SIAS International University in Henan, China has resulted in yet again cooperative undertakings that the two schools have agreed to carry out. The two administrators stayed in SIAS from July 19-25, 2009 and were able to bring home two agreements.



The first pertains to the 150 students from SIAS who are scheduled to take up Nursing in the incoming school year. About 70-75 of these will arrive in September 2009 in order to undergo their first year of Nursing paired with an English Proficiency course for two semesters. To ease their entry to Adamson, their tuition fee, accommodation, transportation, food, visa fee, RLE and other items have been integrated into their assessment, including use of the Center for Language Learning.


The second is about interested Adamson faculty who will be given the opportunity to teach in SIAS during the summer break as the school needs English teachers who can work in April and May 2010. Around a thousand students need their services. An attractive compensation package that includes a reasonable pay, free dorm, meals, visa, and round trip ticket is there for the taking.


It will be recalled that sometime in July 2008, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between Adamson University and SIAS International University in which areas of cooperation between the two covered exchange of faculty and researchers, exchange of undergraduate and graduate students for research and study, exchange of instructional materials, organization of joint research projects, joint continuing education and development of cultural exchanges.


It was from October 26-November 2, 2008 that Adamson University sent six of its faculty members from the College of Liberal Arts to perform Filipino dances during the Cultural week of SIAS. The collaboration further deepened when SIAS University sought the expertise of AdU on its Nursing program which SIAS will open on its next academic year beginning September 2009. For this purpose, SIAS sent two of its Nursing faculty members last January-March 2009 or a period of 3 months to Adamson University for intensive but compressed classroom training and community and hospital exposure. Dr. Naressia Balena, Dean of the College of Nursing directly handled the faculty nurses whose final output was to produce a course syllabus for the four-year nursing program patterned after the AdU curriculum. RDA